It is hard for me to say no to anyone.  I will jump through many hoops to do things for my friends and family.  I am the type of person that never asks anyone to do something for me.  Let me think, “when was the last time that I asked someone besides my husband to do something for me?” It was probably back in 2006.  I really needed it at that time (money).  I had borrowed from this person before and promptly paid back.  So I couldn’t understand why this person laughed at me and joked to his friends about what I requested.  That person is sleeping in his grave now!

Since then, I haven’t asked anyone to do anything for me.  I have been blessed by God for many years and He keeps right on blessing me.  I have a son who is on his death-bed but I am still smiling and I have joy.  It is hard as hell to not go off on people who think that I should be behaving in any other way.  Um. No.  Where were you when I received the diagnosis that Angelo has Evans Syndrome?  I told you if you are my friend or family member.  What did you say or do when I told you that he keeps having to have blood and platelet transfusions and that the rare cancer that he has keeps coming back? Yes. You said that you are praying for me and Angelo and my family.  Thank you.  That is all I need from you.  Prayer works.  I know that it does.  That’s why I keep telling my son to talk to God.

So.  Since I have been dealing with this since 2014 and still surviving with your prayers, let me do that now.  Continue to pray for me and I will continue to do the same for you.  As for anything that you need from me, outside of prayers, save it for 2 years.  After that time, I will be willing to tackle your problems. OK.  Just know that my answer will be, NO!  And I will not explain why I am telling you, HELL NAW!


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