Bye Indiana!

Do you know that there are only so many days until doomsday? Lol.  I am not going to live out my last few days in a non-legal state.  I’m already terrified of police (especially of Gary Police).  I be walking on eggshells up in Gary.  I try to make sure that all my i’s are dotted and all my t’s are crossed.  Lord Have Mercy, Please?

I forgot how many states y’all voted for decriminalization.  All I know is that, I am out of Indiana.  I’m in Colorado and Washington, like, “Massa gon’ get me.”  Everybody behind me like, “Black Girl, if you don’t go to one of those counters, then I will!”  I got it together about the fifth trip.  Y’all President might do it next year but, I can’t be here while about 23 states are getting their life as I type.


P. S. And y’all Vice President is from where? Hell, Naw! Miss me with Indiana!


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