Second Amendment to US CONSTITUTION

Two of my favorite guys in life that I have lived with; dined with; and had some amazing times with have always encouraged me to have a gun.  For years, I have been like, “No! I’m good.  It’s okay if you keep the guns and protect me.”  One of those guys is an angel now.  My angel.

My angel made sure that I was strapped and ready for this day.  He made me finally get a weapon for myself.  Only my angel and my receipts know when that happened.  All I know is that, since then it’s been cleaned and over 1000 rounds have exited the pistol my angel helped me choose.  I have bought all kinds of accessories to go with.  I go to the gun ranges in NW Indiana often.  I love shooting.

My angel bought a semi-automatic rifle against my wishes.  Thank you, angel.  You were looking out for me but couldn’t fight for me like you usually do.  I know why you went against my wishes and I can’t wait to take it on the range.  I keep wishing someone would enter my house or yard or personally attack me, so that I can legally exercise my right to shoot.  I am only saying this because I don’t have a private range to go to. I am tired of shooting paper targets. I don’t really want to shoot a human target. Frfr.

It’s just a stress reliever for me and it is approved by my two favorite guys in life.  Danielle, don’t you have a private range?


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