Green Haired Girl

The past several weeks have been extremely hard for me.  I have been going off left and right.  I have been walking around with my 9 in one hand and a rifle in the other.  It has been horrible.  My anger ceased this past Friday.  God gave me so much peace and joy that I didn’t even see all of the wicked plans, traps, people to take me out; that was going on until like Sunday.  I know everybody who had a problem with me were like wtf?  She just gon’….

In all honesty, I didn’t know y’all hated me so much.  And y’all don’t even know why you hate me.  I only hate one person.  It’s not easy for me to say it because 12 million people are gonna say, “God said don’t hate”.

If y’all wanted to trip (tick) me off, all you had to do was bring that heifanie with the green wig/extensions around.   Then I would have been extra willing to go to St. Catherine BHS; btw, Methodist has already tried it.  I know y’all wanted me to go somewhere, maybe jail.  But know you failed.  Just find the green haired girl and I will talk all of the stuff that y’all wanted me to say and act just the way you wanted me to act. OK?


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