Thank You, Pastor Levern Swain, Sr.

I am grateful to God for allowing me to carry myself with dignity and grace as I spent my final moments with Angelo.  EVERYBODY was giving me the stank-eye and ready to jump if I said or did anything.  Ever since my actual last living moments with my son, I keep saying, “what did they do?”  I keep finding out about all of the individuals who were responsible for me not being with my son as he take his last breaths and I get…

However, there was one lone soldier, who decided that enough is enough.  I don’t know if he stood up by default or what.  But, I am so grateful that he did.  My friends (the ones that y’all moved all the way in the nosebleeds) were like, “Am I at the right funeral?”

Pastor Levern Swain is the proud yet humble servant of the Koinonia Missionary Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana.  510 West 13th Avenue.  “Where the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.”  Again and again, I will forever say thank you to him and respect him for the rest of my days.  Luv u Pastor and Sister Swain!


5 thoughts on “Thank You, Pastor Levern Swain, Sr.

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. You birth and raised a great young man. Angelo and your family have inspired me greatly. I am forever grateful for you sharing Angelo with all of us.
    Westside class 89

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  2. I applaud Pastor Swain for honoring you.! Not sure if you remember me or not, but I spoke to you after the service as a Mom who also lost a child. My prayer for you is to keep holding on to God. He will give you peace and comfort. God Bless You Denise…..

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  3. I spoke to you also after the funeral telling you had my deepest sympathy and would be praying with and for you. I followed your son and part of his army but respect you as a mother. My prayer for you today is the same that God gives you strength in the days ahead. I will continue to say his name with love.

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