Haters Mad For Whatever Reason

I am wrong as two left shoes to not mention, Sister Mildred. Man. If she had not cooked me those pinto beans and cornbread, I would have already been dead. Those things sustained me for days. Thank you, Sister Mildred. Me and Sister Mildred be talking stuff together. She be crackin’ me up!

Educating the Future

This post is actually a shout-out:

Thank you so much classmates-Allyson Vaulx and Arica Buchanan.  They hooked me up with a huge live plant. Yay!  Allyson bought me that beautiful, gorgeous, white hat and she made sure that I was ok during the homegoing celebration.

Thank you Ms. Mary Lee.  She has been my ride or die for a minute.  She went with me to pick out my lovely boots. So sweet.  Bless her heart.

Thank you Minister Phyllis @ Phyllis Fabrics on Broadway and Peacock Cleaners by KFC for getting my suit whipped up on short notice.

Thank you Lake County Clerk Mike Brown for the hugest live plant.  If you are the Mike Brown that I remember, then I am extra happy that I have this plant from you.

Thank you Emmanuel Baptist Church for another huge live plant.  You were there for me and didn’t even know…

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