Ivy Tech Community College

I love Ivy Tech, especially Gary campus, Crown Point campus, and Valpo campus.  I attended Ivy Tech in search of yet another degree, ASN.  I started right after Angelo was diagnosed with Evans Syndrome.  Professor Peter Lakich (professor extraordinaire) lead me through three tough courses.  I loved his style of instruction so much that if he taught nursing, I would be begging to be in his class.  Professor Dr. Docemo inspired me in Advanced Physiology and I wish there was another class out there that I could take with him.  Btw, Dr. Docemo, I might need another reference for the summer program @ IU.  Thanks.  I have never met this next professor of mine face-to-face but he is the reason that I am able to write all of this jibber-jabber.  It is Professor Dr. D. Lalama.  I took his class online and did really well in spite of my controversial banter.  He is like, really smart.

The rest of my classes at Ivy Tech were…  But, I met some really cool people.  Crown Point Graduating May 2017 ASN student nurses rock.  After they graduate, everybody who is looking for good, competent, experienced, caring nurses should look for these graduates.  They are the best.  I know.  I worked beside them in clinical and every last one of them is the bomb.com. Shout-out to; Rose, Cassie, Jennifer, Tiffany, Morgan, Beth, Prue, Christy, Stacy, Jessica, Alicia, Danielle, Camilla, Q, and all May 2017 classmates.  I really enjoyed being in classes with all of you guys.

P.S. El presidente de campo de Gary es mi mejor amigo.  !Hola, Manolo!


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