Since it’s the Sabbath, I must keep it Holy.  So, I’m gonna thank the mothers who sent me dollar bills.  Thank you:  Mother Grace Dumas- she’s my girl and it ain’t nothing y’all can do about it!; Mother Hazel Motley- she always encourages me to keep smiling; Mothers of OLG- Crystal and Sally-they crack me up (they should be in Hollywood)-their husbands are extra funny, too; Mothers of New Tabernacle, GI (thanks Pastor Chet Johnson); Mother Henricine Brown; Mothers of City of Praise (Felicia, Cynthia, Megan); Pat (from gas station, not the other one)-she held the door down for me until I got there.

From this mother to all of you, thank you again.  I would so much rather have my “Ace” back, but thanks for thinking of me.  I love you all.


P. S. I hope that I didn’t forget anyone; if so, charge it to my head (dementia) and not my heart.


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