From the Real Army of Angelo

Angelo created a foundation while driving down to Indianapolis for one of his many grueling treatments for his life-ending illness.  We saw in our first few days at Riley Hospital for Children that there were scores of children who have been in the hospital for most of their lives.  I immediately scaled back on my hurt, anger, helplessness, and self-pity.  I began to look into the eyes of other parents and share their grief.  I imagine Angelo shared the children’s grief.  They are the ones who had to hear point-blank about their diagnosis and prognosis.

The purpose of the foundation, Army of Angelo, was to support families that are dealing with childhood cancers.  Angelo began this foundation from his heart and it was to be a blessing to others, who are dealing with a child who might not live to be an adult.  A few weeks later, a benefit was given in the name of Army of Angelo.  A small fraction of the proceeds raised at that event went to families that should have benefited from such a touching moment in Angelo’s life.  I did not receive anything (It was not for me and I should not have received anything.) and I don’t know who gave to thank in his honor.

Since the first benefit, September 2014, there has been donations to the Army of Angelo, some of which Angelo knew.  Angelo’s MomAger (not me) has benefited from his illness since that time.  While there are families that could benefit from Army of Angelo in the proper manner, there is misappropriation of funds.  I’m not saying don’t support the individual or anything, ijs know where your dollars are going.

The real Army of Angelo is: still crying; still calling his name; still texting him; still facetiming him; still remembering him; they don’t know about current events; they are not looking for the next come-up; they are truly hurting.  They are Shay, Devin, Jrue, Carter, and Mommy.  Everybody else is extra and being extra.


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