Playing Church

Disclaimer: Before you start to read this thru, this is not about some juicy details on anyone; before you stop reading it, because you know I’m always on some bs; please know that this is about me.  Ok? Now you can start or stop.

I used to share on Facebook things that touched my heart; made me laugh; or stuff I wanted my “friends” to know.  I didn’t start Facebook for a long time because I couldn’t think of anybody that I wanted to know how they were doing or what’s going on in their life,  that I didn’t already know that stuff about.  I had to get Facebook when my daughter went away to college, because Facebook knew everything and I was missing out on the juicy details in my own life.    I don’t know how I got caught up in to some Facebook.  All I know is that, I had start believing Facebook to be the Bible.  I was out of my mind   And yes, Professor Scully, I should’ve been in St. Catherine’s BHS (soaking in all the sleep, all the breakfast, lunch, dinner, relaxation exercises).  But, naw.

So, I cured myself of the false gods and demigods who preach on Facebook and returned to my first love yet again.  I don’t know what I was doing.  I do know that I wasn’t even listening to God and reading the Word of the Most High .  I was just praying my butt off but, I wasn’t doing all 3.  I started reading again when I kept getting posts from my boy, Alonzo Brumfield.  I’m like, wait a minute, I know what the Bible say and I ain’t ever heard no preacher preach that.  I started reading again over specific scripture and I pause some more.  The Lord finally started speaking to me when I began to follow EVERY Commandment.  I still sin.  Don’t worry.  This IS about me, but it is not for praise of any kind.  I repent, too.  I’m just talking about myself and how you probably won’t see me in Pastor Pork Chop’s church on a Sunday.  I believe that the Sabbath is from sundown to sundown, beginning Friday, ending Saturday.  I am open to Q & A sessions about me, since I seem to be the topic of so many.  Hey!  If you haven’t been there for me anytime since March 2014 until December 17, 2016, can You kick bricks, please?  Just because I have left the Sunday church, I have not left God. Quite the contraire, my Dear, Honey, Sweetheart, Boo.  Bye, Felicia.


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