Best Friend

My mother told me in elementary school that the only best friend that I should be talking about is Christ.  I was bragging to her about how many friends that I had in 1st or 2nd grade.  And who was my best friend.  (I was lying because the two girls that I wanted to be my best friend were each others’ best friend.  We were friends but they never called me their best friend).  I remembered what my mother said throughout my school years but I still had friends because I had fun with my friends.  They were so cool.  I loved that I had friends everywhere.  I had my church friends (Koinonia), my school friends (Bethune, Pulaski, Da ‘Velt, Purdue 89-91), my neighborhood friends (Marshalltown), my cousin friends (Tuney-Boy, Trell, Rell,).  Lol.  Oh, the memories with all mentioned.  Although I had great times, I never had a best friend.  I considered my husbands my best friend (awkward and crickets).  You see where that has got me until now. S!#t.  Sorry. I digressed.

So like I was saying.  My mother was always talking to me; teaching me something; disciplining me; telling me to read my Bible about everything.  My ear could be aching and she would be like, “go read your Bible”.  I’m like, “what that gotta do wit’ what I jus said!?” She would also let me know that she was teaching me this because she wasn’t always going to be with me.  I didn’t pay her no mind until she wasn’t with me any longer.

People often wonder why I’m “anti-social” and don’t hang out or go out to eat.  I always think about it.  I’ve had food before.  I know what wine is. I know what food is.  Remind me again, why I would want to sit down and break bread with you.

I would see females gossip about their best friend to strangers behind their backs and couldn’t understand why I would need a best friend if this is all best friends do.  So I was good on best friends early on in life.  It just baffled me.

I had panaceas for my children too, just like my mom.  Every time that they ran to me with a problem, I would be like, “put some Vaseline on it” or “drink some water”.  As they grew older, I began to add my mother’s cure-all remedies as well.  I began to tell them to read their Bibles and pray (talk to God) because I knew that all of these actions really work.

I learned early on to pick up my Bible and move on and not worry about having friends. I was also just like my mother in that: whenever Shay, Angelo, or Kashi talk about my friend this or my friend that; or I have a problem with this or that; my panacea would always be and still is, any of the four referred to above.

I still have friends and I do still have fun.  But my favorite earthly friends are Ariana, Devin, Randy, and my Angel O (b.k.a. Ball out Rich).  We share lots of laughs, good eating, ups and downs, and just plain, simple, fun.  I love them to death.  And yes, I still talk to my baby.  And no, I am not crazy.

This writing today was inspired by my “Gone But Not Forgotten”, Gel.


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