Social Media- Criminilization

Since my last writing, I was punished for using social media in the manner in which it is intended.  I sat quietly watching posts of many through all of the various outlets and was astonished at what people are willing to share.  I make posts on them too; but I guess Zuckerberg got mad or something because I was locked up for making my most recent posts.

I was stripped from my family and made to follow the orders of Dr. FaSmelli at St. Cat’s.  That was the most interesting experience that I have had in my life.  This only solidifies what I posted about Lake County and maybe even Indiana as a whole.  I will not stop posting because, I thought that I had equal rights as a citizen of the United States.  BTW, why haven’t I got my guns back yet?  What’s up with that?  Remember to not believe fake news.  I will post the Real Deal about me; don’t worry!


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