Social Media- Criminilization

Since my last writing, I was punished for using social media in the manner in which it is intended.  I sat quietly watching posts of many through all of the various outlets and was astonished at what people are willing to share.  I make posts on them too; but I guess Zuckerberg got mad or something because I was locked up for making my most recent posts.

I was stripped from my family and made to follow the orders of Dr. FaSmelli at St. Cat’s.  That was the most interesting experience that I have had in my life.  This only solidifies what I posted about Lake County and maybe even Indiana as a whole.  I will not stop posting because, I thought that I had equal rights as a citizen of the United States.  BTW, why haven’t I got my guns back yet?  What’s up with that?  Remember to not believe fake news.  I will post the Real Deal about me; don’t worry!


Make it Legal on 4/20

This is for the President of the United States of America.  We the black people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ask, beg, and plead that you end slavery in Indiana and all other non-legal states.

How is it right that half of America can enjoy something that God said was OK?  He didn’t say crack cocaine was legal.  But so many non-blacks smoke it and don’t even get a slap on the wrist.  How is that right?  You punish blacks unjustly for smoking weed in some states but other states blacks are free.  Why?  So it’s ok, to punish the black people in Indiana?  We are just as human as those in legal states.  End slavery in Indiana.  Your right hand man is from Indiana.  Can’t you work that out for us?  Please!

Tribe of Judah

It took 3 Gary firefighters and 3 family members to take me down on some set up bs.  I wonder why that wasn’t reported.  They drove me away to the Methodist Hospital in Gary and violated the hell out me in the same white and yellow ambulance that is chillin around Gary today.  I wonder if they are still working.  All you got to do is repent.

Beaten With Many Stripes

Christ died for me.  My Savior was beaten with many stripes.  This is not the time to remember that.  TMH did not tell me to remember that.  We are to be shaking with fear to what Ahayah is going to do.  Satan is much bigger than America, China, Russia, Iran, Korea.  The devil will lead his army into war against his chosen people. We should be remembering to keep TMH laws and commandments.

Fake News

There are so many false flags out there.  I don’t believe much of anything I read or even see.  I know that there is fake news out there.  I know that social media is of the devil.  It has my people twisted believing everything that they see on Facebook, Twitter, and the likes.  We can’t believe the newspapers.  Especially the ones in Northwest Indiana.  I know of violent and violating acts committed in that region and it is still going on.  I know because it happened to me.  This went unreported.  Every agency involved act like it didn’t happen.  So.  I know not to believe anything in the media or on social media.  If it is not happening where I am, then I don’t believe.  Now when it does happen to me again, all hell is gonna break loose.

Saints Pray For Me

It’s about to be some days of frocks, bonnets, Stacy Adam’s, colors of fuschia, lavender, and tangerine jumping off on social media real soon.  That’s why I don’t look at that mess (media of any kind).  I know what a haughty spirit does.  And why would I want to show off on a pagan holiday.  However, if you know when TMH holy days are, please pray for me before I snap.

Best Friend

My mother told me in elementary school that the only best friend that I should be talking about is Christ.  I was bragging to her about how many friends that I had in 1st or 2nd grade.  And who was my best friend.  (I was lying because the two girls that I wanted to be my best friend were each others’ best friend.  We were friends but they never called me their best friend).  I remembered what my mother said throughout my school years but I still had friends because I had fun with my friends.  They were so cool.  I loved that I had friends everywhere.  I had my church friends (Koinonia), my school friends (Bethune, Pulaski, Da ‘Velt, Purdue 89-91), my neighborhood friends (Marshalltown), my cousin friends (Tuney-Boy, Trell, Rell,).  Lol.  Oh, the memories with all mentioned.  Although I had great times, I never had a best friend.  I considered my husbands my best friend (awkward and crickets).  You see where that has got me until now. S!#t.  Sorry. I digressed.

So like I was saying.  My mother was always talking to me; teaching me something; disciplining me; telling me to read my Bible about everything.  My ear could be aching and she would be like, “go read your Bible”.  I’m like, “what that gotta do wit’ what I jus said!?” She would also let me know that she was teaching me this because she wasn’t always going to be with me.  I didn’t pay her no mind until she wasn’t with me any longer.

People often wonder why I’m “anti-social” and don’t hang out or go out to eat.  I always think about it.  I’ve had food before.  I know what wine is. I know what food is.  Remind me again, why I would want to sit down and break bread with you.

I would see females gossip about their best friend to strangers behind their backs and couldn’t understand why I would need a best friend if this is all best friends do.  So I was good on best friends early on in life.  It just baffled me.

I had panaceas for my children too, just like my mom.  Every time that they ran to me with a problem, I would be like, “put some Vaseline on it” or “drink some water”.  As they grew older, I began to add my mother’s cure-all remedies as well.  I began to tell them to read their Bibles and pray (talk to God) because I knew that all of these actions really work.

I learned early on to pick up my Bible and move on and not worry about having friends. I was also just like my mother in that: whenever Shay, Angelo, or Kashi talk about my friend this or my friend that; or I have a problem with this or that; my panacea would always be and still is, any of the four referred to above.

I still have friends and I do still have fun.  But my favorite earthly friends are Ariana, Devin, Randy, and my Angel O (b.k.a. Ball out Rich).  We share lots of laughs, good eating, ups and downs, and just plain, simple, fun.  I love them to death.  And yes, I still talk to my baby.  And no, I am not crazy.

This writing today was inspired by my “Gone But Not Forgotten”, Gel.

Breaking News

It has been some time since I have come before you.  I am pleased to come bearing good news.  I ended last year with peace.  When did this peace arrive?  It came when I accepted God’s will for all that transpired last year.  The peace that I have is a peace that passes all understanding.  I ended the year being able to proclaim that Christ is coming back, openly. I am officially out of the closet.  I did this in the face of many saying that I am crazy for my behavior.  I don’t know how a person can be persecuted for wanting to live a life that pleases The Most High.  However when I read Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Wisdom of Solomon, Esdras (I and II), Maccabees (I and II), and Ecclesiasticus, I am convinced that I am doing the right thing and I must hold out until my change comes.

This leads me to the breaking news.  I celebrated the New Year a few days ago.  But the big news is that, the Passover is approaching.  I am excited.  I have never been so anxious (in a good way) about an upcoming feast.  It is going to be sweet.  It will be my first time celebrating, honoring, and remembering a Holy Day (not holiday) that Christ recognized and acknowledged himself.  So, I am going to make sure that I have my unleavened bread, lamb and wine on deck.  I won’t drink much wine, because it hurts my stomach but best believe, I will have all of the roasted lamb; all of the unleavened bread; and I might as well throw in the bitter herbs (wink, wink).

So, to my fellow Hebrew Israelites and others who may have accepted who they are and Whose they are:

I bid you a Happy and Prosperous Passover Season.  I pray that we will all honor this time by properly preparing for Passover this week.  On Passover and during the Feast, please enjoy yourselves and remember what Christ has done for us.  Let us also, ever be grateful to God for sending His Spirit to awaken us at a time like this.  Shalom.